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The CatEye Security SoundShield is a smash and grab vehicle anti-theft device that also functions as a sonic steering wheel lock. It is the most effective car alarm solution for stopping car break-ins and vehicle theft before any damage is done. Burglars and car thieves are repelled when they encounter the CatEye SoundShield Security system. 


This groundbreaking design uses an ear-piercing sonic boom (i.e., extremely loud, 130 dB multi-pitch siren) to deliver an all-out assault on would-be car thieves’ ears. 


How does the CatEye sonic car alarm system force thieves out of your car? 

  • First, the CatEye Wireless Siren module is installed in a disrete location in your car or truck such as: under the seat, down near the gas pedal, or in the rear cargo area. It is armed by you when you exit the vehicle. 

  • Second, the CatEye Wireless Infrared Sensor module is installed in an open area in your vehicle's interior such as: on your vehicle's dashboard, center console, or near the rearview mirror. 

  • An intruder enters your car or makes a smash and grab attempt, intent on making off with your valuables or your vehicle. 

  • The CatEye Security system detects the intruder and delivers an excruciating, ear-piercing sound cannon attack on the intruder. The 130 dB siren produces a noise level above the threshold of human pain. 

  • The intruder flees your car’s sonic attack before they can make off with your valuables or your vehicle. 

  • At the same time, the optional text message add-on feature of the CatEye sends a text message via WiFi and email alert to inform you of the break-in attempt. 


The CatEye Smash and Grab Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm offers a simple design, equipped with an optional WiFi chip that automatically connects to any nearby WiFi signal, allowing the CatEye to send you a text and email alert and enabling a rapid response to protect your vehicle or fleet (contact us for additional details on WiFi communication).


This anti-theft sonic protection device is a cost effective solution that can protect a fleet of trucks or a single vehicle. Unlike other costly solutions, the CatEye offers superior vehicle security on a budget.


Whether you own a single car, manage a small fleet, or run an expansive logistics operation, CatEye SoundShield is your anti-theft car and truck security solution! 

CatEye SoundShield Wireless Security for Car Intrusion and Anti-Theft Device

SKU: 0019
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